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Day Trips

Volunteer and Explore works in partnership with The Township Sisters to give visitors unique insight into life in a township in South Africa. Mandy will take you round Masiphumelele, near Kommetjie, share her story and introduce you to interesting people and sights along the way. You’ll visit her home and pop into her children’s crèche too.

Our tours range from 1 hour upwards. We are on the way to Cape Point and the cheeky penguins of Simon’s Town so we encourage you to pop in along the way.

The Township Sisters experience can be tailored for individuals, families, small groups and big groups, and we can add different experiences that will make it fun for everyone. During the 2010 Soccer World Cup, we hosted 100 British fans who vuvuzela’d their way around Masi and then played a football tournament with the locals afterwards. We’ve hosted Mike Horn and The Pangaea Expedition and befriended Charley Boorman, who spent the night in Masi while filming Extreme Frontiers. “The hospitality was beautiful, I got the idea of a vibrant community despite the harsh living conditions. There was a great atmosphere and sense of friendliness,” Charley says. “People forget about their worries here and enjoy themselves. There was always lots of laughter and I enjoyed Masi so much I brought over 40 biking buddies from all over the world to visit in August last year. I will be back this year with more friends. We will definitely be visiting Mandy and Ali and let’s not forget the vetkoek!

“Museums help you understand the history of South Africa, but the Township Sisters tour gave me an insider's look at what's happening NOW in this amazing country, and it was fascinating, eye-opening and inspiring! I found myself much more interested in the stories and lives of the everyday people of South Africa, the people who achieved "the miracle of South Africa" - the amazing transition from apartheid to a melting-pot democracy...a transition, in truth,  that is still underway.”
Mandy is a loving mom who courageously obtained her tour guide license and started a business with her sister, leveraging the one asset they have - their own ongoing experience of day-to-day life living in a shack inside one of the "Townships" with no running water, or plumbing, or insulation - into something amazing. By bravely opening not only the door to her home, but a window into her soul, Mandy gave me one of the best travel experiences I have ever had anywhere” Review from Kati Mac of Phoenix, Arizona.

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